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Patient Champion


  • Clinical Performance Improvement
    • Patient Champions will work during peak hours. They will communicate with each patient and their family members:
      • Who their team members are
      • Delays in care
      • Questions they may have
      • Assist in depart process- the Patient Champion will utilize the Lattice platform to enable real-time feedback that drives service recovery and performance improvement
  • Patient Callbacks and Constant Communication
    • At the depart process, the physician, scribe or patient champion can flag any patient for a call back. This can be for any reason:
      • Confirm a radiographic soft read or discrepancy 
      • Follow up on blood cultures
      • Confirm follow up with PCP or specialist
      • Address problems with prescription filling
      • Ensure improvement
      • Patient Follow-Up Scheduling
  • Patient Follow Up Scheduling
    • We manage, streamline and automate appointment and transportation scheduling. We notify PCPs of a patient's disposition and readmission risk, and we help PCPs capture associated follow up incentives. We also serve PCPs directly, helping them bill Medicare's Transitional Care Management reimbursements, thereby aligning the incentives of the discharging institution and the follow up provider







Lattice CPI (Clinical Performance Improvement)

  • 1.  The efficiency of an organization is a function of the quality of its individual parts and how they work together. Improving the performance of individual components will lead to true and measurable improvement in operational performance of the organization. 
  • 2. Reliable performance metrics are imperative for accurate reflection of the quality of individual components of any healthcare system as well as for the ability to generate valid comparative benchmarks to be used to motivate continuous improvement through market-driven competition.
  • 3.  Healthcare experiences are based upon clinical outcomes and are often subjective due to varying expectations which are influenced by education and communication.


Lattice CPI provides healthcare organizations with a consolidated approach to improving patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes and treatment compliance through enhanced patient communications, feedback, and education of both patients and clinicians. The Lattice CPI system will securely deliver electronic surveys to patients to assess perceptions of the quality of received services as well as profile risk for treatment failure or non-compliance. Results from completed surveys are programmed to be sent directly to care providers involved, enabling them to recover service as well as gain insight that guides behavioral change that improves their overall practice. Compliance with treatment plans will be advocated by  multimedia both patient and provider education that is supplemental to discharge instructions and diagnosis. Our overall goal is to provide our clients with a means of improving performance that will be measured by benchmarking assessments and improve healthcare outcomes by enhancing patient education and providing a mechanism for healthcare providers to recognize patients who are at risk for treatment failure.



Lattice CMP

Healthcare organizations and clinics are increasingly constrained by evolving regulatory oversight and burdened with the expectations for transparency and accountability to which revenues and penalties are strongly tied. Animedix provides compliance training and monitoring to leading healthcare systems. Corporate Integrity Agreement training, financial conflict of interest monitoring, JCAHO compliance training, Stark Law/Anti-kickback statutes are among the areas we address.




Electronic Conflict of Interest Management

Financial conflict of interest regulations (42CFR Part 50 Subpart F and Part 94) are aimed at ensuring that the design, conduct  or reporting of research funded under NIH grants and cooperative agreements will not be biased by any conflicting financial interest of the Investigators responsible for the research. Institutions are required to establish standards to ensure that there is no reasonable expectation that the design, conduct or reporting of NIH-funded research is biased by a conflicting financial interest of an Investigator.

The Lattice COI module enables institutional research administration personnel with the ability to seamlessly accrue and assess self-reported conflict of interest disclosures and provide informative reports that depict compliance issues across the organization.



Medical Animation

Scientific animation is a very effective modality of communicating details of complex systems and processes like mechanisms of drug action or the molecular causes of disease and pathology.  Often 30 second animations can adequately explain elusive concepts to unfamiliar audiences such as patients, investors, attorneys, clinicians, customers, students and colleagues. Animedix has over 10 years of experience providing such communication services for the biotechnology industry, large pharma, universities and hospitals.

Animedix has core competency in understanding biotechnology from all perspectives, bench-to-clinic. This "big picture" mentality allows us to work with marketing and scientific communications departments of clients, helping to conceptualize and create multimedia strategies optimized for reaching and informing their varied target audiences.




Clinical Trials Support

Site Conciergetm

Sponsor communications to research sites are an important component of site relationship management. Research sites today are busier than ever. Getting their attention, while critical for training, branding and motivation, is required for increasingly monitored regulatory reasons. The Site Concierge service utilizes our secure Lattice platform to coordinate the delivery and tracking of regulatory documents, study updates, required reporting (eg. adverse events, protocol amendments), and FDA/GCP training. Leveraging a secure electronic communications modality can lead to significant savings in time and courier expense.


Site Concierge brochure (PDF 4.1 MB)

        Pre-Study    Protocol Feasibility and Site Selection Services

Control of Information    Document Delivery, Retrieval and Verification

Education and Awareness    Mechanism of Action Animation and Multimedia

Site Relationship Management     Study Updates, Newsletters, Video, Virtual Meetings

Training and Compliance     Study-Specific FDA/GCP Training



Medical Innovation Advocacy

The global economic and healthcare crises are inextricably linked. A 3-part fundamental relationship to bear in mind is that  1) Health fosters productivity, and  2) Productivity generates better healthcare 3) Healthcare leads to health.

Medical innovation coupled with efficient development and commercialization efforts will be necessary to generate new treatments, businesses, jobs and access to healthcare in the future. The new "translational approach" to development is dependent upon multi-disciplinary collaboration across the globe. Efficient communications are essential to achieve the education, coordination of effort and regulatory compliance needed to drive this engine.

Another major obstacle we must surmount is the burden of increasing public awareness of the importance of medical innovation to our future social and economic stability, and of the regulations in place to make this process as safe as possible.

As the leading edge of medical science is obscured by the confluence of multiple separate disciplines of equal complexity, it will become important to maintain a "big picture" view and make the view available to the general public from various perspectives that drive home the relevance of that work to their personal lives.

Animedix is committed to providing products and services geared toward supporting those communications needs. Click here to enter.



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